Welcome to...
The most basic, insecure wiki ever, version beta1.7 (beta2 will be feature-complete).

Testing The results/thoughts/opinions from the beta Test.
Testversion - example of a vandalized page for the purpose of seeing page version differences.

How are you gentlemen?!

I noticed it has a habit of adding a closing A tag at the end of external links that are bad

Feel free to edit this page - just don't forget to end your tags so I can keep that pretty button at the bottom.   Maybe I can make some code that auto-completes tags.

I'm in your cool new wiki vandalizing your pages!

Ok, now for some awesome ownage-induced testing.


As you can see, monospace works!

And now what you have all been waiting for...
...with customizable CSS

Google (external)

Directorypage1 This might link to a directory or it might not...
   / and \ no longer exist in names, neither in actual files nor in links.


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