This is the page where we list things we (roma and seth) have found while testing.

- It looks like when using something like <a href="?page=[index">[index</a>, it tries to put the  B TAG inside and mess everything up.
  -Can you clarify what this means?  Use braces in place of square brackets.
    -I think what he means is {{B}Hello{/B}} messes up.
- <br> and \n don't work, are they supposed to?
  -A manual line break (return) gets converted into a <br> in html.  You typing in \n or <br> is not what I meant.
- We could definitely use a "Do not apply tags" tag.
- Something like a NOT tag, where anything within the NOT tag is treated like straight text, subject hopefully to things like Bold, italics, underlines, etc.
- I also propose a CODE block or something similar, where everything between it is set to Courier New or at least some sort of SET the font block. letting us set the size, and font face, though i do support presets like the courier new one for code.
- External links do not work.
  -It seems that when there is a left bracket, it will find a right one, even if it spans lines.  I just changed it so that there cannot be whitespace in the url, though there still can be in the name.  See how that works.
left bracket textright bracket
will result in
left bracket"greater than signBrush Robotics Home (external)closing A tag
Also, when someone presses refresh it seems their changes are overwritten above everyone else's.
imma changin ur page

Another proposal i have is for things that are used often, for example headers or something be customizable templates. Media wiki calls them Template: etc. So you make a page called Template:pizzaluvr and then when you want to apply that template somewhere you just say {pizzaluvr}.

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