Manager: Congratulations!  Your new album has gone platinum!

Star: Yeah. I'm not surprised.  What else is new?

Manager: Well, the company Columbia offers a record contract, and an interviewer from the magazine "Rolling Stone" is here to interview you.

Star: Good. Send him to me. Ah, and also, bring me a coffee and get my limousine ready for after the concert.

Manager: Yes sir.

Interviewer: Good day, sir.

Star: Hi.

Interviewer: If it is possible, I would like to ask you some questions about your success in the world of music.

Star: Yes, but make it fast.  There will be a concert in a few minutes.

Interviewer: Of course.  First, what do you think of the musical scene today?

Star:  It is very commercialized.  There are many singers that support commercial products, as if they didn't earn enough money by being singers.  One can neither see nor read an interview without seeing promotion for a product, like Coca-Cola.  It is the best drink invented.  I think that your readers should drink it.  But this selling of fame to the highest bidder disgusts me.

Interviewer: Oh. You have used almost all of our time, so I only have one more question.  What are you going to do after this epic concert?

Star: I'm going in my limousine to the airport to fly in my own plane to my own island to rest.

Interviewer: Thank you for the interview.

Star: You're welcome.

Star: Are you ready to rock?!

Audience: Yes!

Star: I can't hear you!

Audience: Yes!

Star: Now!
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