Cowboy: God save the cow!  Is there any creature more dignified, gentle or...or...or more like a cow in stature?  Listen: She gives the world her milk and her cheese!  The cow is not selfish!  Really, I am not a cow boy...I am a cow lover.  Yes, the cow is perfection itself.  I like her enormously.   From her tail, to her black and white body...or brown...or brown and her cute little sounds.  Mooo!  Mooo!  I can listen to this sound all day.  Wait!  Where is the sound?  Where are my cows?!  WHERE ARE MY CHILDREN?!  Josefina!  Consuelo!  My God!

Extraterrestrial number one: Mmm, these hamburgers taste really good.

Cowboy: Noooooooo!

Cowboy: It's very fortunate that this tractor has interstellar drive!

Cowboy: Give me back my cows!

Cowboy: My cows!  They are safe and sound!

Extraterrestrial number one: At the moment.  We have not yet started the probing procedure.

Cowboy: But...if my cows are not dead...what are you eating?

Extraterrestrial number one: We thought that cows produced the hamburgers...

Extraterrestrial number one and number two: Aaaaahhh!

Cowboy: Yayy!  All is well!

Cow number one  But...who's driving?

Cowboy: Aaaaahhh!

Las vacas: Mooo! Mooo! Mooo!
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