Announcer: This is the last game of the Olympics and Juan is the United States' best player.  The United States is playing for the championship. The game is tied.

Trainer: Juan, you are the best player of our team and now we have to score a bit.  We only have two minutes to do it.  This is the plan: Enrique is going to pas the ball to you, and you are going to pass it to Miguel after crossing the middle of the field.  Then, you are going to run to the line of the goal and wait for Miguel. Miguel: You are going to pass the ball to Juan quickly, and Juan knows all of that, right?

Juan: Yes sir!

Trainer: Okay guys, do it now! ¡May God be with you!

Trainer: Let's go, Juan!  You have to score in this possession!

Enrique: Juan!  

Juan: Miguel, don't lose the ball!

Miguel: No problem, Juan!

Enrique: Let's go, Juan - only you can win the championship for us now!  Do it for all the sports fans in the United States!  You have to score, Juan.  Score!        

Juan: This goal is for the United States!

Trainer: GOAL!  GOAL!  GOAL!

Juan: GOAL!
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